About us

EduRec is specifically designed for Palestinian teachers and schools to help the placement of quality teachers in quality schools.

Teachers find it difficult to find jobs in schools, they either were late submitting their CV, or their CV did not refelct their abilities and qualifications correctly. 

Schools spend months trying to find teachers, and sometimes they need  a new teacher as quickly as possible, but the hassle of announcing, and looking over cvs, and  the interviewing process  makes things difficult and unbearable.

EduRec is here as a match maker that allows teacher to be always updated with the new vacancies, and allow schools to just simply make a one phone call to get their candidate without any hassle.

We are a team of experts in education and recruitment process who spent many months getting new teachers, and finding maternity leave teachers, so we know what a nightmare it is.  We thought that it is time to make this one stop shop for both teachers and schools

Teachers: no more " i missed the deadline"

Schools" no more i cant beleive after months and months and many CVs i cant find the right candidate"